Jackie Hill

Join us in welcoming Jackie Hill to the Keller Williams Realty Central Delaware family!

Jackie is a recent graduate of the Kent County School of Real Estate and we are excited to have her join our team.

For your Delaware real estate needs, please contact Jackie at 302-677-0020.

Shirlene and Chuck Mann joined Keller Williams Realty Central Delaware in mid February. We are happy to celebrate their three month anniversary with them.

In a bi-weekly check in with couple, Shirlene shared, “When we started to search for our home within the real estate world, we knew there was a lot more to consider then just the split. We wanted to surround ourselves with upbeat, driven people who wanted to encourage and uplift each other.”

The Mann’s first experienced Keller Williams on the opposite side of a deal with a Keller Williams agent and they shared “from start to finish, we could see the difference.” They thought, “This couldn’t be how all of the agents at Keller Williams are…we were wrong!”

“From the moment we stepped in the front door we were greeted with a warm and welcoming smile!  It just felt like home.  We made our decision in a matter of minutes after talking with the Team Leader.” shared Shirlene.

“Since being home, we have found that our business has doubled due to the encouragement, training and support we receive daily. The atmosphere is truly contagious. ”

Doubled indeed! Since joining Keller Williams, the Mann’s have experienced explosive growth, assisting 24 families in the home buying or selling experience which is equivalent to $4,935,200 in production. They have begin building a real estate team with a new assistant and their first buyer’s specialist joining in June. And to top it off, they received their first Profit Share check in May!

We are honored to be in business with Chuck and Shirlene and look forward to their continued growth with Keller Williams.

Keller Williams officially welcomes Alison Touchton Wilt to the family!

Alison Touchton Wilt

Alison recently graduated from Central Delaware Real Estate Academy. She has a customer service background and we are thrilled to have her join us at Keller Williams!

For all of your real estate needs, contact Alison at AMTouchton2323@gmail.com or 302-312-4903.


Keller Williams Realty Central Delaware is pleased to announce that Erin Baker, one of Kent County’s top-producing real estate professionals, has joined the Keller Williams Team in the Central Delaware Market Center.

“We’re beyond excited to welcome Erin to the Keller Williams family,” said Danielle Smith, Team Leader of Keller Williams Realty Central Delaware. “At Keller Williams we believe in succeeding through people and Erin is a wonderful addition to our business.”

Erin is a Delaware native who grew up in Dover. Her strong work ethic was instilled at a very young age when she started working for RA Baker’s Jewelers, her family’s jewelry and antique business in downtown Dover.

Erin spent more than 18 years working in the banking and finance industry and then turned her “hobby” of looking at houses and watching HGTV with her mom into a growing real estate career.

In the 14 months since Erin received her real estate license, she has helped 39 families with their real estate needs. Erin treats every client as if they are her ONLY client and says, “I look at every sale as an opportunity to help someone change their life. It is definitely not just about the money to me. I find it incredibly rewarding to hand over the keys to a first time home buyer or help a family be reunited when I can get their home sold quickly.”

Erin balances her role as a single mom to her 13 year old son, Timothy, and her full time real estate practice and works tirelessly for her clients to ensure their satisfaction. She is the epitome of professionalism with a personal touch  and pays attention to every detail of every transaction.

Erin is a powerful listing agent, an extremely knowledgeable buyer’s agent, and has recently added property management to her menu of real estate services.

“I made the decision to move my business to Keller Williams Realty so that I could take it to the next level. I was impressed with the systems Keller Williams has in place and know that by implementing these systems for my clients, I will be able to offer the absolute best service and continue to grow my business.”

Dee Henderson Hake, co-founder of the Central Delaware Market Center said, “My business partner and Keller Williams co-founder, Doreen Irwin and I were both single parents when we started our real estate careers and know the dedication it takes to successfully juggle family and work; we look forward to being in business with Erin and watching her exceed even her own expectations!”

You can reach Erin at 302-535-9887 or at Erin.Baker@kw.com

The Central Delaware Market Center, located at 1671 South State Street in Dover was established in 2004 and currently has 95 associates.

To learn more about why so many top producing agents choose Keller Williams Realty, call Danielle Smith at 302-677-0020or visit www.kw.com.

shonda-kellyOn October 25th, Shonda Kelly brought her capping commission check back to the Market Center with a big grin!

She capped in just 55 days! The next 310 days will be life changing for her and her family – she will enjoy 100% of all of her Gross Commission Income!

To top it off, Shonda has increased her Gross Commission Income 50.5% year to date compared to last year.

Congratulations, Shonda! We are honored to be in business with you!


Curious how you can earn 100% of your commission? Contact me at CentralDelawareTL@gmail.com for a confidential consultation.

Make it a great day!


Danielle Smith

Team Leader

Good Morning and Happy October KW Family!

Since fall is officially upon us, I thought now would be a great opportunity to talk about winterizing your business. I have heard so much about how the late fall and winter months can be a slow time in the world of real estate; but it doesn’t have to be! If you continue to use the tools and suggestions provided by the Market Center you can turn the fourth quarter in to your most successful yet!

How many of you have heard about the Career Growth Initiative (CGI)? Over the last two months we have held workshops, provided training on how to use this amazing tool. CGI is designed to break down your big business goals into an easy to follow, low maintenance model that could very well be the key to a successful fourth quarter. I know most of you have already set your goals in KW.com, (for those of you who haven’t please see a member of your leadership team to help you take advantage of this fantastic opportunity) now is the time to go back in and look at them again. How many appointments do you need to make each week- and what does that look like? Are you maintaining your lead generation to keep your goals on track?

The CGI goals can be accessed by following the following steps:

  1. Go to kw.com – go to the bottom of your screen and enter your login information.
  2. At the top click on Education and enter into KWCONNECT.
  3. At the top, to the right click on Growth.
  4. Career Growth Initiative.
  5. This screen will provide you the information you’re looking for.

BUT WAIT, there is an easier way… if you are currently using an android or apple device you can download the profit dash app. It will not only let you view and track your CGI goals- but you can track your data that makes up those goals; like expenses and tax estimates- plus much more. As always please don’t hesitate to reach out to your MC leadership team to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

I hope you all are as excited for the fourth quarter are we are!

Let’s make it a GREAT week!

Good Morning KW Family and Friends!

Last week a few Agents came to me expressing concerns about a specific issue they were having with Greensheets. For some, the drop down box that says, “ Market Center’ would not work properly- sometimes it will appear to be “thinking,” and other times nothing happened at all. Agents tried it in different browsers, and on different computers and nothing seemed to work!

Luckily, we were able to get an answer- and guess who was able to address the concern, not just a staff member but another agent! The directions to remedy the problem can be found below. So, should you ever come across this concern please ask MC Staff or refer to this post.

What I found the most exciting about this potentially frustrating situation is that another agent came to the rescue. That is what is different about being part of the KW Family. We truly are family, and anyone is willing to lend a helping hand. It says a lot about our character and our integrity.

Enjoy your week!

Alex Bydlon


  • Drop down box should read my market center or any market center
  •  Auto populate
  • Ensure proper MLS # is in place
  • If all these item are taken care of call KW HELP line to assist further.