Please join us in welcoming Carolyn Page to the Keller Williams Realty Central Delaware family!


Tell us about yourself. “I am a transplant to Magnolia, DE from Louisville, KY, along with my husband, youngest son and my canine baby. I was born and reared in Prince George’s County, MD. I have two adult children one is a graduate of Delaware State and the other from Purdue University. I have the most adorable 1st Grand child so, yes I am a “GlamMa”. I thoroughly enjoy traveling, biking, kayaking, gardening and being on any beach. I believe it is important to be a part of your community through Civic Engagement and supporting local businesses through “buying local”. I also live a life that demonstrates compassion to animals.”

What did you do before real estate? “Prior to coming to Keller Williams I was a National PTA Advocate. I’ve spent  numerous hours in Washington, D.C.  visiting Congress lobbying for funding to adequately support educational success for ALL children. I have a background in Education as well as a Bankruptcy Law Paralegal.”

Why did you choose KW? “I chose Keller Williams because the culture of KW: “We value God,then family,then business” it clearly shows that they understand that there’s more to life than just business. They also offer an array of training programs that guide agents to success.”

What you are you looking forward to the most in your new career? “I am looking forward to being a liaison for both buyers and sellers of properties to help fulfill dreams of home-ownership and to keep communities active, strong and vibrant by doing so.”

For all of your real estate needs, contact Carolyn at!

Alex Bydlon

Please join us in welcoming Alex Bydlon to the Keller Williams Realty Central Delaware family as our new Market Center Administrator. During the interview process, one thing the Leadership Team was excited to discover is that Alex’s mindset and culture was in alignment with that of our company’s. Learn more about Alex below.

Tell us about yourself. “First and foremost I am a wife, and mother to two beautiful little girls; ages, 5 and 2. I am also a student at Wilmington University and am scheduled to finish my coursework in Organizational Management this year. I am also a wine enthusiast, my friends and I enjoy going to different vineyards, and learning about their history and business, and of course trying new wines!”

What did you do before real estate? “I have worked in customer service in different capacities for nearly 9 years, and in a management role for 6. Most recently, I was the Program Director of Greater Dover Boys and Girls Club. I love meeting new people and making a difference in my community.”

Why did you choose KW? “Keller Williams has an outstanding reputation for work ethic, professionalism and company culture. When I walked into the office everyone was very friendly and extremely welcoming. I instantly fell in love with the offices’ enthusiasm and positivity.”

What are you looking forward to the most in your new career? “I am most looking forward to challenging myself professionally and personally. I hope very much to meet many new people, and make connections that will last a lifetime. I am very excited and thankful to be a part of the Keller Williams Family.”

Please join us in welcoming Dorothea Davis to the Keller Williams Central Delaware Family! Learn more about Dorothea and how she can assist you with your real estate needs below.
Tell us about yourself: I’m an awesome mother and wife- three children, two are teenagers (a great time to keep parents on there WITS END!! Just kidding, NOT.)  and a wonderful husband, Solomon. We have lived in Delaware for 9 years. We love it here- the people, weather and area. When I’m not working, I’m with my loving family. We love basketball, football, track, traveling, skating, swimming and just being together.
What did you do before real estate? I worked as a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist. I’m the type of person who loves helping to take care of people. Meeting new people on a daily basis and learning their medical history and travel is awesome.
Why did you choose KW? I chose Keller Williams Realty because a friend referred me to this company. After doing research and meeting team leader Danielle Smith, as well as other members, I was elated. I always felt welcomed and part of the family before even joining the company, so can you imagine how I felt once I became part of the team…WONDERFUL! It is a great feeling to get up and go to work everyday, happy to be a part of something great. Keller Williams Realty also has on of the best learning experiences in all areas of real estate with great people to work with.
What you are you looking forward to the most in your new career? What I’m looking forward to most in my new career is building my real estate company to its fullest potential, making life time relationships doing something I love to do, and being able to assist people with my expertise in real estate while making money. I want to continue to grow in knowledge and experience in the realm of real estate.
For all of your real estate needs, contact Dorothea at

What’s this “Greensheet” all about, anyways? A Greensheet must be completed for every transaction. This is the document that shares with the Market Center how you will be paid on this particular transaction and other pertinent information.

When you are ready to complete a Greensheet, please have the following items on hand:

Fully executed, signed sales contract
Other addenda pertaining to the property as required by your state and your Market Center for review and acceptance.

To learn how to complete a Greensheet, check out this video on YouTube
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What makes some more successful than others? Some seem to achieve success in what appears to be such an effortless manner. Hear what Gary Keller has to say about the simplicity of focusing on one thing at a time to achieve your goals in unique way – The Story of Strings.

Click here to watch The Story of Strings

If you are interested in a confidential business consultation on how you
can achieve success simply by focusing on one thing at a time,
contact Danielle Smith, Team Leader. 302-677-0020.




Benefits for Your Clients

ListHub has collaborated with Keller Williams to provide you with the best-in-class online marketing platform.

With ListHub Keller Williams associates can distribute listings to more than 80 national sites, powering over 900 sites total! Listings are accessed in the KWLS and distribution is automatic. Plus ListHub will pick up changes made in the KWLS (added photos or expanded remarks) for display on ALL Keller Williams syndicated listings!

Benefits for You

The Keller Williams and ListHub collaboration includes the Single Point of Entry (KW Connector). MLS listings automatically populate the KWLS (available in ListHub-enabled MLSs). Saving countless hours of redundant data entry and ensuring accuracy across listing databases.

Verify You are Set Up with ListHub

Take advantage of this amazing feature! Log in to, hover over Technology, select KWLS, scroll midway down the screen and ensure the “ListHub Enabled” button is checked. It’s that easy!

For More Information

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The Associate Leadership Council (ALC) is comprised of the top twenty percent of the agent body in the Market Center. The ALC serves a year term in the Market Center to which there are more standards to qualify than just production.

The purpose of the ALC is to guarantee our associates a vehicle for giving direct input as to the operation of our Market Center. They are the heartbeat of the Market Center – involved and invested in every decision that affects our associates.

Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month at the Market Center and are open to all Keller Williams associates.

ALC Logo
We are honored to have the following associates serve on the 2016 ALC in our Market Center:

Barbara Walker, Technology Director
Carole Kisner, Agent Relations Director

Eric Howlett, Finance Director
Sandy Hohrein, Culture and KW Cares Director

Shonda Kelly, Education Director

To learn more about what makes the ALC so unique, check out this video

Want your voice to be heard? Want a say in items directly affecting your business? Contact Danielle Smith, Team Leader, for a private consultation today. 302-677-0020.


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