Good Morning KW Family and Friends!

Last week a few Agents came to me expressing concerns about a specific issue they were having with Greensheets. For some, the drop down box that says, “ Market Center’ would not work properly- sometimes it will appear to be “thinking,” and other times nothing happened at all. Agents tried it in different browsers, and on different computers and nothing seemed to work!

Luckily, we were able to get an answer- and guess who was able to address the concern, not just a staff member but another agent! The directions to remedy the problem can be found below. So, should you ever come across this concern please ask MC Staff or refer to this post.

What I found the most exciting about this potentially frustrating situation is that another agent came to the rescue. That is what is different about being part of the KW Family. We truly are family, and anyone is willing to lend a helping hand. It says a lot about our character and our integrity.

Enjoy your week!

Alex Bydlon


  • Drop down box should read my market center or any market center
  •  Auto populate
  • Ensure proper MLS # is in place
  • If all these item are taken care of call KW HELP line to assist further.




BOLD at Keller Williams

I challenge you to think BIGGER! We’re going to do an exercise together to accomplish that. You just gave yourself a raise. $74,266. What’s the one thing you would do right now with a $74,266 raise? Take some time. Think about it. Write it down.

We completed this exercise together at this week’s Team Meeting. One agent shared that $74,266 would allow her to purchase an investment property to gift to a single parent. Another agent shared this would allow her and her husband to support children at a local school where her husband is a coach. What would that additional income allow you to do?

Keller Williams is proud to support you in your real estate career. We are focused on providing you with the tools and systems necessary to succeed. One of those tools is a program called BOLD. BOLD is an 8 week program from MAPS Coaching that allows you to break through ceilings of achievements, both personally and professionally.

So what’s significant about $74,266? The average amount of contracts produced during the BOLD experience is 14. The average sales price in our Market Center is $176,800; making the average commission rate $5,304. Multiply that by the average transactions from BOLD giving you a Gross Commission Income of $74,266.


Want to give yourself a raise? Want to break through a ceiling of achievement? Ask a me about BOLD today!

Dedicated to your success,

Danielle Smith

Team Leader


Happy Monday KW Family! While in the line at the Grocery Store this week, I came across an issue of TIME magazine; the issue was titled, “Mindfulness- the new science of health and happiness.” I instantly thought of Keller Williams Mission Statement. “To Build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.” I picked up the magazine and began to skim the pages, on page4 two little words jumped out at me; BEING HERE.

Not only did article give amazing examples, as well as, personal and professional stories of being here; being present in the moment- but it gave fantastic suggestions on how to make those two little words a reality. According to the article, practicing mindfulness, and being present in the moment; will improve your life in the following areas: stress control, work productivity, personal satisfaction at home, improved sleep quality, and overall improvement in health.

As I continued to turn the pages I began to think of how Keller Williams encourages this mind set in their Market Centers. Time blocking, being acutely aware of the 80/20 rule, ensuring we set buffer days and focus days, as well as, taking a break in the work day are all methods in which we practice mindfulness at KW.

In a chaotic and often hectic world it is imperative to be present in order to be the best parent, employee, friend and business owner that you can be. I have found it to be truly unique experience that a company is so invested in their employees; on a personal and professional level. Are, you employing the KW methods of mindfulness? Do you see how they can truly have an impact on your business?

This Special Edition of TIME contains Three Sections titled: Part One: Outsmart Stress, Part Two: Find Your Center, and Part Three: Eat, Play, Thrive; each section contains 7 mini articles pertaining to mindfulness for every part of your life. How do you practice mindfulness? Which areas, if any, could use some improvement?

If the answer is no to any pf the above questions, I encourage you to see your Market Center staff or do some independent research about mindfulness and how it can improve your business, and personal life. Can it help you reach a big goal? Below are some tools to help in your quest for mindfulness.

I will leave you with a quote from Lazo Tzu, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”,16641,20140203,00.html

Have a Great Week!

Happy Monday!

Today we are going to spend some time on the Buyer and Seller Contract Checklist and why it’s important. As you all know there are multiple items that constitute a “complete” listing/buyer file. It is imperative to the process that all the necessary items are turned in.

The checklists below are designed to help the Agent, MCA, TL, and Broker ensure all tasks are completed and in their proper place. They are a wonderful tool to ensure the file’s completeness and a quick delivery of a commission check once settlement is complete. Furthermore, it will help you, the agent, maintain the highest level of organization in your business; which, as well all know is key to a profitable and successful real estate career.

So let’s start with the Buyer Under Contact Checklist.
In order for the file to be considered complete, the following items should be filled out in their entirety and signed off on by the MCA, TL and Broker.

  1. Greensheet
  2. CIS
  3. Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer
  4. Agreement of Sale
  5. Addendums
  6. Seller’s Disclosure
  7. Radon Discloser
  8. Lead Disclosure
  9. Copy of Escrow
  10. Referral Form ( if applicable)

If you do not know where to find any of this information please see your Market Center’s MCA or

Seller Under Contract Checklist

  1. Greensheet
  2. CIS
  3. Agreement of Sale
  4. Addendums
  5. Seller’s Disclosure
  6. Radon Disclosure
  7. Lead Disclosure
  8. Copy of Escrow Check ( non KW listing)
  9. Referral Form ( if applicable)

As with the Buyer’s Contract if you have any questions or concerns about the required items please do not hesitate to contact your MC’s MCA, or

Success is determined by our habits – whether good or bad. To reach our goals faster, we must eliminate our bad habits or incorporate good habits. Let’s be honest, changing habits can be challenging because most of the time, we are on auto-pilot.


When discussing the level of one’s commitment to their goals at last week’s Team Meeting, I shared my new fitness goals with you. So, I was pondering my wellness habits as I ate my nightly Reese’s cup (Side note and very true story: Our daughter’s middle name is Reese…named ever so lovingly after our favorite candy!). Back to pondering habits. This nightly Reese’s habit will certainly slow down my fitness goals. The next logical step would be to eliminate this chocolate and peanut buttery goodness from my routine and throw in accountability to reach my goal even faster.

And opportunity came knocking to do just that! Our Wellness Ambassador, Michelle, shared she was starting a 66 Day Challenge on September 7th in our Market Center for associates to start healthier habits in a supportive and accountable environment. What better time to nix the sugar, I thought!

I dare you to join me in accepting the 66 Day Challenge! You can choose a bad habit to get rid of or a good habit to begin implementing with the 66 Day Challenge. (ie: Lead generating daily; being on time; expressing gratitude; no frivolous shopping; etc). Not sure what your habit should be for the challenge?


Keller Williams suggests finding the one habit that will help you reach your goal by focusing on “What’s the one thing I can do such that everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” If that doesn’t narrow it down for you, check out the full article from KW here.

For more details on the 66 Day Challenge, see Wellness Ambassador, Michelle, or myself.

Make it a great day!

Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith

Team Leader

302-677-0020 Office

Please join us in welcoming Carolyn Page to the Keller Williams Realty Central Delaware family!


Tell us about yourself. “I am a transplant to Magnolia, DE from Louisville, KY, along with my husband, youngest son and my canine baby. I was born and reared in Prince George’s County, MD. I have two adult children one is a graduate of Delaware State and the other from Purdue University. I have the most adorable 1st Grand child so, yes I am a “GlamMa”. I thoroughly enjoy traveling, biking, kayaking, gardening and being on any beach. I believe it is important to be a part of your community through Civic Engagement and supporting local businesses through “buying local”. I also live a life that demonstrates compassion to animals.”

What did you do before real estate? “Prior to coming to Keller Williams I was a National PTA Advocate. I’ve spent  numerous hours in Washington, D.C.  visiting Congress lobbying for funding to adequately support educational success for ALL children. I have a background in Education as well as a Bankruptcy Law Paralegal.”

Why did you choose KW? “I chose Keller Williams because the culture of KW: “We value God,then family,then business” it clearly shows that they understand that there’s more to life than just business. They also offer an array of training programs that guide agents to success.”

What you are you looking forward to the most in your new career? “I am looking forward to being a liaison for both buyers and sellers of properties to help fulfill dreams of home-ownership and to keep communities active, strong and vibrant by doing so.”

For all of your real estate needs, contact Carolyn at!

Alex Bydlon

Please join us in welcoming Alex Bydlon to the Keller Williams Realty Central Delaware family as our new Market Center Administrator. During the interview process, one thing the Leadership Team was excited to discover is that Alex’s mindset and culture was in alignment with that of our company’s. Learn more about Alex below.

Tell us about yourself. “First and foremost I am a wife, and mother to two beautiful little girls; ages, 5 and 2. I am also a student at Wilmington University and am scheduled to finish my coursework in Organizational Management this year. I am also a wine enthusiast, my friends and I enjoy going to different vineyards, and learning about their history and business, and of course trying new wines!”

What did you do before real estate? “I have worked in customer service in different capacities for nearly 9 years, and in a management role for 6. Most recently, I was the Program Director of Greater Dover Boys and Girls Club. I love meeting new people and making a difference in my community.”

Why did you choose KW? “Keller Williams has an outstanding reputation for work ethic, professionalism and company culture. When I walked into the office everyone was very friendly and extremely welcoming. I instantly fell in love with the offices’ enthusiasm and positivity.”

What are you looking forward to the most in your new career? “I am most looking forward to challenging myself professionally and personally. I hope very much to meet many new people, and make connections that will last a lifetime. I am very excited and thankful to be a part of the Keller Williams Family.”